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A built therapist is a person who exudes gentleness, peace, and positive energy. He is always smiling and has a strong charisma. During the massage process, there is an exchange of energy between the client and the therapist.

The movements of the therapist speak of his mental strength, convey his life energy or ki as the Easterners would say. Movements full of tenderness with dosed pressure speak of a person who has a developed sense of empathy for people, for their pain and problems. Every massage is a creative story, the magic of the therapist’s hands, the refined art of touch.

A good therapist is a professional, a person who has knowledge of anatomy and physiology, who knows the lymphatic pathways. Massage is not caressing and rubbing without any meaning. The pressure is dosed, on precisely determined regions and points, in more intense massages up to the limit of pain, which means that it should be pleasantly painful.

The therapist should also know when he is allowed to do a massage and when he is not, and before the treatment he must talk to the client about the nature of his health problems.

Your therapist is a friend of your psychophysical peace, someone who listens and monitors your body and calms your mind.

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