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Refleksologija i masaža


Reflexology is an ancient art of stimulating reflex points on the feet, also known as zonal massage, which achieves a better function of the internal organs and brings them into a harmonious state.


It is present in Eastern cultures, Chinese doctors made detailed maps of reflex zones on the feet and hands 5000 years ago, and it was also practiced in Egypt, 2330 years ago. before Christ, a drawing of a therapist massaging feet was found in the tomb of the famous pharaonic physician Ankhamor. In the area of today’s China, people noticed that the energy of Ki circulates along invisible lines, meridians, and on the lines of that network there are points where the energy is more or less concentrated, and when this is disturbed, the flow of energy is disturbed and diseases occur in the organ connected to it. point. By stimulating the points, massage, stronger touch or heating, a person restores the internal balance. This method was forbidden by the church for a long time and only in the middle of the 16th century it reappeared in Europe, and in the beginning of the 20th century it was widely practiced in America. Today it is used all over the world, in Japan there is traditionally a foot massage break during working hours, which provides additional energy for the effort during the working day.


Compression, pushing of certain parts of the foot is applied. When the painful spot is determined, the tip of the thumb is placed, pressed hard and held, and the finger is moved only in the part where the pain is felt. The pressure will stop the loss of energy and heat will be felt in the organ being treated. The technique generally uses a thumb with a well-trimmed nail or a bent index finger or index finger joint. The masseur’s hand must not be colder than the feet of the person being massaged. The massage starts on the right leg and ends on the left leg. The massage always begins with the stimulation of the reflex zones of the kidneys, urinary tract and bladder and ends that way. The presence of pain at some points indicates a problem with a certain organ and it can be a guideline for further treatment. The pressure on the points should be strong but not cause sharp pain and should not last long. In case of serious problems, the painful point is treated daily for the first week, then 2 to 3 times a week and then 1 time a week.

The intensity of the massage depends on the pain tolerance threshold of the person being treated, and therefore the client’s facial expression is carefully monitored, pressure on the reflex zones must not cause pain because the massage loses its beneficial properties. The duration of the massage depends on the client’s state of health, if he is exhausted it is no more than 5 to 10 minutes and after a week of massage it increases to 15 minutes.



Preservation of health and balance of the body.


Pain on a certain side of the foot shows which organ is suffering, if the pain is sharp it is an acute problem and dull pain indicates a chronic problem. Changes on the feet in the form of grains of sand that can be felt under the toes are actually accumulated uric acid salts that are associated with internal organs and are also indicators of a health problem.


This massage is relaxing and revitalizes the entire body.


  • Bringing the organs back into balance
  • Blood and lymph flow normalizes
  • Improving the energy potential of the body
  • Application in the treatment of almost all organs and especially effective for: headaches, psychosomatic problems, chronic fatigue, stress, depression, asthma, bronchitis, high blood pressure, circulatory disorders, sports problems, stomach problems, diarrhea.


Reflexology should not be applied to: pregnant women, people with gallstones and kidney stones, people with elevated temperature, bleeding, thrombosis, infectious diseases and cancer, as well as people who have a pacemaker implanted.


As a preventive measure, it is sufficient to come once or twice a month, and if it is a therapeutic procedure, it is preferable to do it with an interval of 48 hours. After the massage, it is advisable to drink half a liter of lukewarm water to rid the kidneys of toxins.

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