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Kada se ne primenjuje masaža - blog

Massage is beneficial for for body tension relief, improved blood circulation and general health, but there are medical conditions when massage is not recommended.

Each responsible therapist before the treatment will ask you which health problems you have because if they exist and treatment is not recommended, the outcome of such a massage can lead to serious consequences.

Massage is contraindicated if it could exacerbate the condition of the body. Malignancy, thrombosis, tissue infection, arterosclerotic plaques can be expanded/exacerbated by massage.

Conditions when you should not have a massage:

  • When you have a cold and with elevated body temperature (febrile)
  • If you have any infectious disease or skin disease and skin changes,
  • With all types of burns (caused by chemicals, physical agents or UV radiation)
  • In cases of bleeding of various organs and tissues, haemophilia, hemorrhagic diarrhea, menstrual cycle.
  • With cardiovascular diseases, people who have a pacemaker, liver and kidney disease, osteoporosis, fractures, malignancies.
  • With inflammation of the veins and lymphatic pathways. Deep venous thrombosis is particularly dangerous because the massage process leads to increased circulation, which can trigger thrombosis and lead to fatal outcome
  • Clients suffering from mental illness
  • Diabetes
  • Immediately after surgery.

When it comes to pregnancy, a pregnant woman’s massage can only be performed by a qualified physiotherapist.

If you are unsure whether you can come to the massage, always consult your doctor, their advice is invaluable.

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