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When you come over for a massage and want to get a professional service our recommendation is as follows:

Take your time, plan your treatment, never rush, otherwise you will not be happy!

Tell a therapist if you have a health problem and respect the rules of contraindicated massage conditions that we have already written about.

There is a culture of behavior we expect from our clients and personal hygiene is implied. Also it is important to know that before arriving avoid meals an hour and a half before the treatment because massage increases circulation in places that are massaged and the blood flow in the digestive system is reduced which can cause mild digestive problems.

When choosing a massage, choose one that suits your sensibility and needs, depending on whether you use massage for therapeutic purposes or for relaxation and stress relief.

When choosing a massage and service provider, dial according to the recommendations, go where the commitment and professionalism towards you are complete. Don’t go o places where the therapist deals with other things while massaging you, stops the massage for various reasons, responds to phone calls and messages.

There are trained and “trained” therapists. Do not let someone improvise on your body. Untrained “therapist” can seriously endanger your health. There are experiences in practice that clients with thrombosis are massaged because the “therapist” did not know it should not be done. If you want a serious massage, choose your therapist as you choose a doctor, dentist, cosmetologist, not for one time but for the long term.

During the massage, feel free to tell the therapist whether your pressure is good or not, also if you have some manifestations that are unpleasant and painful. You must signal in time that the massage would be effective and enjoyable.

Come to treatment with positive thoughts and in a good mood, because if you come with good energy, you will get good energy. Enjoy the senses that God gave us to enjoy life, even in massage!

As for the recommendation of how frequent massage should be, for people with normal physical activity once a week is sufficient. When it comes to athletes or people who are exposed to great physical effort, they need to be massaged daily, immediately after training activities to avoid deposition of toxins and to recover the body faster from and return to a state of relaxation.

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