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The revolutionary method of treatment, which is called medicine of the third millennium, is based on quantum physics, the application of which was founded, elaborated and introduced into clinical practice by professor dr. Sergej Panteleimonovich Sitko, famous Ukrainian nuclear physicist.

By the action of electromagnetic waves of high frequency, low strength, millimeter range, the living organism is brought to a physiologically normal state, a state of health. The electromagnetic waves of these properties are part of the human bioenergetic system, which enable stable biochemical processes in the organism and thus the healthy functioning of our entire body and being.

This therapy achieves fast and fascinating results in the treatment of: allergies, respiratory diseases, heart problems, arrhythmia, hypertension, stress, kidney diseases, headaches, toothache, obesity, lumbar syndrome, diabetes, pneumonia, emphysema, gastritis, stomach ulcers, in rheumatoid and metabolic joint diseases, in all problems of the bone and joint system, as well as in numerous psychosomatic diseases.

The action of millimeter electromagnetic waves using the method of acupuncture, on precisely determined places, on bioactive points on the body, applying the methods of traditional Eastern medicine and modern science, achieves the following:

  • Pain is reduced
  • It improves the immune system
  • Regulates hormone function
  • Increases energy exchange in tissues
  • Corrects disorders of fermentative and bioenergetic processes
  • It detoxifies the body.

MRT is a painless, holistic, drug-free therapy, which is very significant, and the effect is achieved thanks to the ability of the organism itself to correct irregularities in itself with the help of electromagnetic waves, which actually establishes the body’s electromagnetic balance. It should be noted that the consumption of existing medications is also reduced. Microwave resonance therapy is effective in both diagnostic and therapeutic terms. This method is young, but the results are incredible even in the most serious diseases.

We have knowledge about this from experiences around the world. This method is also applied in our country, but still not enough, but we hope that it will expand in the near future due to its effectiveness.

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