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The absence of magnetism on earth would mean the end of life on our beautiful planet.

Our world is surrounded by magnetic fields. The earth’s magnetic field is a product of the rotation of red-hot, mostly iron lava in its center, the intensity of the field is different, stronger at the poles and weaker at the Equator, and those lines of force or magnetic lines go from one pole to the other. On the other hand, our body itself produces weak magnetic fields that arise as a result of chemical reactions between cells in our body and ionic currents in the nervous system. Man needs both an external and an internal source of magnetic field to survive, the magnetism of mother earth and his own.

In the last 500 years, the Earth’s magnetic field has weakened a lot, even by 50% and today at our latitude it is 0.5 gauss (the unit for measuring magnetic strength), and geophysicists attribute this to the possible rotation of the poles and the enormous exploitation of iron ore, which weakened the earth. The weakening of the earth’s magnetic field resulted in the appearance of non-specific symptoms in people such as pain in the shoulders, spine, and joints. Fatigue, restlessness, headache, dizziness, insomnia, chest pains, weakening of the immune system, circulatory and digestive disorders, osteoporosis and the development of various degenerative diseases are present.

The beneficial effects of magnetic fields on our body is explained by the fact that the frequencies of the earth as a planet and the water on it coincide with the frequencies of our brain, bones and fluids in them and amount to 10HZ. The general effect of the magnetic field is reflected on the molecular level, on the nervous, endocrine and immune systems.

Magnetic therapy is not a modern method, it has a long history, known in the ancient cultures of China, Egypt and Greece. Legend has it that Cleopatra slept on hematite, a natural magnet, because of frequent headaches. In the period from the 16th to the 19th century, it was applied by William Gilbert, Paracelsus, Mesmer, Samuel Hahneman and Faraday. A contemporary, the Japanese Kyoichi Nakagawa, after 20 years of research, was the first to describe the syndrome of the absence of the earth’s magnetic field and directly linked the appearance of various health problems in people to the weakening of the earth’s magnetism.

Magnetic therapy is a non-invasive method, very successful in the treatment of chronic diseases, applied both for preventive and therapeutic and rehabilitation purposes.

Magnets are the effective at:

  • Heart and blood vessels, hypertension, angina pectoris, venous and peripheral circulation, tone of blood vessels
  • Respiratory problems, obstructive bronchitis, bronchial asthma, pneumonia
  • For problems related to the head (migraines, headaches), better sleep, better memory, more energy
  • For problems related to the digestive tract, digestion, intestinal peristalsis, stomach ulcer, constipation
  • In traumatology and orthopedics for bone, joint and muscle injuries, tendon inflammation, cervical syndrome, discopathy and rheumatism.

Magnetic therapy works by normalizing the PH factor in the blood, encouraging the alkalinity of the body through increased circulation and the presence of oxygen, encouraging the function of the hormones melatonin and endorphins, eliminating free radicals and preventing inflammatory processes and the growth of microorganisms. In therapy, the north magnetic pole is usually used, or a higher potential is created by alternately using the north and south magnetic fields.

It is very important in everyday life to use magnetically refined water, which instead of large molecules has molecules in the form of a trimer (three water molecules together) and thus enables better conductivity, information transfer, binds to certain parts of DNA, ionizes calcium and directs it to the bones and prevents osteoporosis . This elixir of health, identical to spring water, is living water that is completely usable by the living organism.

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