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The thymus gland or chest gland, located in the upper, front part of the chest, is the main organ of the lymphatic system.

Very little is known about her, so tiny, so important, one might even say mysterious.

It is developed in newborns as well as in small children and is most active around the age of three. It increases until puberty, when it reaches its maximum size, about 30 grams, but not its function. After puberty, the tissue of the mammary gland begins to break down, which is replaced by fatty tissue.

It has an important role in the maturation of T lymphocytes, which are our defense cells, as well as in the development of the immune system. It is also called the point of happiness, because with gentle activation in the form of tapping, gentle massages, we encourage and lift positive energy and we neutralize the negative. There is a direct connection between our body and brain. Daily stimulation with deeper breathing achieves a balanced flow of energy, balances brain functions, and strengthens the immune system. We will feel the flow of energy in the form of gentle hums.

Each of us can be our own healer, and in our studio, at the end of the treatment, we stimulate your happiness point with a gentle massage.

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