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The process of cleaning the organism where cells break down, ie recycle harmful products and healthy cells regenerate, self-renew is called autophagy, which literally means eating itself.

This miraculous metabolic process was studied by the Japanese biologist Yoshinori Ohsumi, who received the Nobel Prize in 2016 for his work in this area.

In the process of autophagy, the body is detoxified, toxic proteins are removed, and damaged cells that otherwise cause cancerous diseases are removed. Our body breaks down proteins for recycling and energy generation. Each of us has our own personal doctor inside us, which is activated when we start fasting, which our ancestors also practiced regularly, and a certain regime and dynamics of nutrition, which consists of the following: no food for 16 hours (drinking only water), in the period you eat from 8 am, the latest meal is at 7 pm. Meals (2-3) are moderate with plenty of vegetables, salads, and instead of snacks and carbonated juices, fruits with natural sugars are consumed.

Research has shown that fasting is the greatest stimulator of immunity, but it must not be practiced by sick people, pregnant women and developing children. Moderate physical activity is also very important, initially light walks and later jogging, cycling or the gym, depending on what one prefers. The benefits of autophagy are; increasing immunity, reducing weight, killing bacteria, viruses and tumor cells, protection against Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s disease, dementia, also slows down the aging process and tightens the skin.

By fasting longer than 12 hours, we start the autophagy process, which breaks down proteins and expels toxins, rejuvenates and regenerates the body, we are filled with new energy, so this has an overall positive effect on both the physical and mental levels.

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