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This massage is applied in case of very painful back conditions. Apitherapy originates from the word “apis” that means “bee” and represents the use of bee products in order to preserve human health, in this case, the application of apitoxin (bee venom).

The entire body is massaged so that the body is more relaxed and therefore easier to access painful regions with very careful and dosed pressure. Therapeutic techniques and massage techniques of deep tissues with shiatsu acupressure are applied. We use neutral massage oil and ultimately apply it to painful places in very small quantities APITOX ointment, a universal Russian painkiller.

This miraculous cream has the following benefits:

  • Natural bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effects
  • It relieves pain
  • Improves circulation and microcirculation in tissues and organs
  • Reduces muscle pain due to overload
  • Very successful in arthritis, arthrosis, ossification, polyarthritis, radiculitis, interracial neuralgia, gout, salt solubilization on the surface of the joints, improving joint mobility
  • For all ligament injuries
  • Effective for headaches, massaging the temples and the backbone.
  • Sports are using it during the preparation for competitions as it affects the speed of chemical processes in the muscles, and reduces the sense of fatigue and the concentration of lactic acid.
  • Apytox ointment is very effective in other health problems.
  • Composition of vegetable oils, beeswax, camphor oil, lime extract, rice extract, daze extract, propolis, bee poison (apitoxin)
  • To ensure that the client is not allergic to the ingredients from the cream, at the very beginning of the treatment, we apply a very small amount of cream on the forearm and after 30 minutes, if the redness does not occur, it can be safely used.

At the end of the massage we apply the ointment to painful places that can be further soaked, and wrapped in foil for better effect.

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