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It is applied with the presence of muscular hypertension. Its task is to maximize microcirculation and relieve stress in a problematic region and it strongly works to relax all the blockages in the body. The therapeutic pressure is very strong and deep and multiple techniques can be combined.

Massage cream with mint and camphor is used for this massage. Due to the high content of natural waxes, it has long been retained on the skin after massage and has a prolonged therapeutic effect. Alternatively, massage oil with rosemary ether oil can be used to accelerate circulation.

This treatment is performed with the use of ultrasound. Ultrasound therapy has the following effects:

  • Mechanical, because it is a deep micro-massage that removes the tension in the back muscles
  • Thermal, because there is an increase in the temperature of the treated tissue
  • Chemical, because it speeds up metabolism.

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