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Cotton body wrap and facial massage with silk cocoons.

This treatment is intended for hydrating the body.

Before applying the package, the body is peeled with coconut and then the package is applied in the form of a powder which, when mixed with warm water, turns into a foamy emulsion that is easily applied to the body.

The refined packaging of the body in the form of white powder owes its exceptional hydrating power to the cotton flower, which is the basic component in the preparation. Oligo Source patented active substance is responsible for an additional dose of hydration and mineralization of the skin.

Aloe Vera has strong regenerative and soothing properties, which is why the packaging is perfect for the care of damaged and dehydrated skin. The pleasant aroma of jasmine promotes relaxation.

When we are done with the packaging, we start massaging the face, neck, and decollete. For facial massage, we also use silkworm shells that contain the protein Sericin, which contains 18 amino acids, which deeply cleanses the skin, removes dead cells, hydrates it, makes it elastic, stimulates collagen production, and removes blemishes and blackheads, reduces acne and scars.

The treatment lasts 60 minutes.

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