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This treatment includes an aromatic body scrub, followed by a shower followed by a massage with warm oil from specially designed massage candles. A complete relaxing and aromatherapy effect for those who like mystical, oriental, fragrant. When the candle flashes, the wax dissolves, the heat of the scented oil and the natural ingredients of the candles allow for top relaxation massage.

Candle is based on soybean oil, the dissolved mass is a 100% natural mixture that is used as a beneficial oil for skin care which is also ideal for massage because after that the skin will be hydrated, gentle and fragrant. Ether oils that penetrate the skin affect the whole organism both physically and emotionally, and it can be said that this is a form of natural medicine.

The candle contains soy wax, soybean oil and essential oils of lavender and vanilla.

In order for the body to be cleaned and refreshed from the inside, it is necessary to bring in a lot of fluids after the treatment, and  warm, aromatic teas and healthy natural juices will revitalize you.

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