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Cellulite apart from aesthetics also presents a health problem if it is present for some time and can lead to swelling of the legs, enlarged veins, and capillary bursting. Anti-cellulite massage is a healthy way to break down cellulite deposits which stimulate circulation and lymph flow. The movements are strong, and energetic, but not painful, and there must be no bruising. Massage techniques of conditioning, friction with thumbs, mixing, Swedish kneading, drainage, and sewing are applied. The fat deposits are scattered, and the toxins and excess water from the body are ejected. In synergy with appropriate anti-cellulite oils and cream, the treatment is very successful.

A series of at least 10 treatments is recommended to achieve the desired effect.

For this massage, we use ivy oil. Herbal extracts penetrate the tissue and help release trapped toxins and fats. Biologically active molecules of ivy oil are absorbed into the skin by massage to improve the exchange of matter so the skin becomes elastic, tight, and cellulite less visible. The treatment eliminates excess water, stimulates circulation, and dissolves fat.

The ideal moment to start with anti-cellulite massage is the day after the end of the monthly cycle because the level of estrogen in the body is the lowest in the following ten days, so the massage is more effective then. It is necessary to change the diet, exercise, and increase the water intake to at least 2 liters.

Anti-cellulite massage is not recommended:

  • during pregnancy
  • for people suffering from enlarged veins
  • for people who have burst capillaries (the massage can worsen)
  • People who suffer from enlarged veins and burst capillaries are recommended to reduce cellulite by changing their diet and increasing physical activity.

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