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Client recommendation

When you come over for a massage and want to get a professional service our recommendation is as follows: Take your time, plan your treatment, never rush, otherwise you will not be happy! Tell a therapist if you have a health problem and respect the rules of contraindicated massage conditions that we have already written about. There is a…

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When a massage is a bad idea?

Massage is beneficial for for body tension relief, improved blood circulation and general health, but there are medical conditions when massage is not recommended. Each responsible therapist before the treatment will ask you which health problems you have because if they exist and treatment is not recommended, the outcome of such a massage can lead to…

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Massage, the ancient healing technique

Massage, an ancient touch of hands, divine healing skill and therapy as old as humanity alone. The word massage comes from the Arabic word of "masa" which means touching, pressing, tapping. Potions from traditional Chinese medicine 3000 years before the new age and Chinese called it Nei Jing and applied it to diseases of the locomotoive…

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