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Royal detox treatment

Half an hour of detoxification in the Dermalife spa jet capsule with a NATURAL CLEANSING program that stimulates the natural cleansing of the body through hydrofusion and restores the natural balance. An hour of four-hand massage with selected oils or creams. Two therapists, alternately, with gentle and energetic gestures, release the body of tension, pain and stress. Every massage is a story for itself and it is created towards the clients wishes.

For this massage we use lavender oil or oil enriched with argan oil, all dependent on clients preference.

Additional services:

  • Tea time
  • Fruit Bar

In order for the body to be cleaned and refreshed from the inside, it is necessary to bring in a lot of fluids after the treatment, and  warm, aromatic teas and healthy natural juices will revitalize you.

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