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Moroccan dream

Feel the warm breath of Morocco with exotic massage in 4 hands with argan oil.

Hedonists, if you want sophistication, for your body and skin to enjoy the benefits of touch, fragrance and complete relaxation, this is the right choice for you.

This treatment begins with pealing treatment using sea salt and argan oil so your skin gets rid of dead surface cells and refreshes the body.

After showering, when your body is completely clean, we massage your feet, and then continue with massage of the whole body. The most beautiful part of the treatment in which you will enjoy the most is face and scalp massage.

The massage is done by two therapists, two pairs of hands interlacing and dancing on your body. The movements are soft, sensual, with mild stretching. The dynamics of the movement are from light, slow to mildly dynamic.

Massage cream based on argan in combination with argan oil is used during the massage, for which the Moroccans say that it has 1001 healing effects on the skin and hair, rich in vitamin E with a strong antioxidant effect.

After exotic treatment, you will be completely revitalized and ready for real life.


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