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Madero Package

Madero therapy is a special type of anti-cellulite massage, that originates from Colombia and is performed with anatomically designed wooden massagers, wooden rollers, rollers and cups.

The effects are very fast and the treatment itself is completely natural and the rolls cover a larger area of the skin and stimulate the lymphatic system, thus expelling toxins, speeding up metabolism, and detoxifying the whole organism.

2 series of 10 treatments are recommended. Treatments are done every other day. The results are the elimination of cellulite, body shaping, raising the gluteus, removing fat deposits from the hips, and reducing the volume in the waist.


Not recommended for people with varicose veins and capillaries, those who have heart problems and circulatory problems. The treatment is not done during the cycle and is not done during pregnancy and lactation. It is also not recommended for young people with solid


  • Buttocks, abdomen, and legs, 10 treatments lasting 30 minutes
  • Buttocks, abdomen, back, and arms, 10 treatments lasting 45 minutes

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